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Weekly Update

22 Oct

This week we continued to provide articles, information, and content to the other teams. We have talked together and ironed out some of the details of web monitoring, however Fall Break has limited our time to meet as a team to discuss future plans.


Weekly Update

15 Oct

This week we were able to meet as a team with Prof. Kushin which really helped us nail down our responsibilities and goals as a team.

We created a schedule that outlines who is responsible for web-monitoring each week. We also have a goal to provide a “Top 3” of articles, information, and content to each of the other teams each day.

We have set up our Google alerts and are watching the content being put out on the event’s Facebook, blog, and Twitter accounts.

We have made good progress this week and hope to become a great resource for the other teams.

Thomas Larsen

19 Sep

Loves telling stories with videos.
Music aficionado.
Rides his bike everywhere.
Sleeps better in a tent then his own bed.

Craig Booth

19 Sep










Soccer Enthusiast.

Born & Raised in New Mexico.

Mexican Food Connoisseur.

Inherited the German culture by marriage.

Kelsie Douglas

19 Sep










Not afraid to speak her mind.
Avid media consumer.
Bakes a mean red velvet cupcake.
Always and forever a California girl.

Celeste Tholen Rosenlof

18 Sep

Loves to create, be creative.
Asks a lot of questions.
Has two weird and long last names.
Makes really good cookies.