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Crowdsourcing Challenge – Bonus Image

5 Dec

Bonus picture was:

Clements Mountain from Logan Pass Visitor’s Center in Glacier National Park.

We were able to identify this mountainface through several methods.

Our first step was to put the image up on Facebook.

While we were waiting for feedback there, Tom chatted with a friend over Gmail, who used TinEye software to identify that it was taken from the vantage point at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. It looks like the picture was taken from the Logan Pass Visitor’s Center.

Another friend used Google Reverse Image Search to give us the same result. From there, we looked at the different Google Image results, which confirmed that.

We did a little more searching to confirm our guess and narrow it down to the Visitor’s Center at Logan Pass.

And that is how we figured it out! That’s right, we are awesome.


Crowdsourcing Challenge

5 Dec

Our picture was:

München Hauptbahnhof or Munich Central Station in Munich, Germany.
The GPS coordinates are 48.0827°N 11.3318°E.

The biggest details we noticed in the picture were that it was a train station, the GRUNDIG advertisement and the signage in a foreign language.

We started by having google translate the wording and found it was in German.

We then looked up train stations in Germany on google image to try and find one that looked similar.

We followed that picture to the original site it got posted on and found that the blogger said it was the München Hauptbahnhof.

We then google searched images of that particular train station so we could get some verification of what the blogger said.

After verifying with those images, we were pretty confident that we had figured it out. We then decided to verify with other sources such as facebook friends and Craig’s wife who is from Germany.

We posted on facebook and got several responses that confirmed our guess.

We talked to Craig’s wife and she confirmed as well.

So that is how we figured out where this picture was taken!

Weekly Update

4 Nov

The event is getting closer and we are seeing more buzz around the upcoming event! There has been a lot of tweets coming out of different UVU groups and our own Twitter team.

We’ve been sending some articles to the other teams this week in hopes of increasing content resources for them. We found a really interesting article here about some awards Dell just received in the area of social media. We thought this was really appropriate because our speaker for our UVUsocial event is the director of social media from Dell, and it just points to the good work they are doing with social media and customer service.

Weekly Update

28 Oct

This week we have continued to provide the Blog, Facebook, and Twitter Teams with articles. Google Alerts lead us to find some great content about Utah and social media. As for web monitoring and what was being said about UVUSOCIAL, there were a couple of UVU PRSSA students that mentioned the event but other than that nothing else was being said.

Weekly Update

15 Oct

This week we were able to meet as a team with Prof. Kushin which really helped us nail down our responsibilities and goals as a team.

We created a schedule that outlines who is responsible for web-monitoring each week. We also have a goal to provide a “Top 3” of articles, information, and content to each of the other teams each day.

We have set up our Google alerts and are watching the content being put out on the event’s Facebook, blog, and Twitter accounts.

We have made good progress this week and hope to become a great resource for the other teams.

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