We’re the web-monitoring and live blogging team for #UVUSOCIAL, and we’d like to introduce ourselves.

Team members

Celeste Tholen Rosenlof
Senior at UVU
Communications – Journalism
Career aspiration: Investigative journalist at mid-sized state news agency
About: Loves to create, be creative.
Asks a lot of questions.
Has two weird and long last names.
Makes really good cookies.

Kelsie Douglas
Super-Senior at UVU
Communications – Speech Communication
Career aspiration: Advisor/Administrator at a university
About: Not afraid to speak her mind.
Avid media consumer.
Bakes a mean red velvet cupcake.
Always and forever a California girl.

Craig Booth
Senior at UVU
About: Soccer Enthusiast.
Born & Raised in New Mexico.
Mexican Food Connoisseur.
Inherited the German culture by marriage.

Thomas Larsen
Senior at UVU
Communications – Journalism
Career aspiration: Video journalist
About: Loves telling stories with videos.
Music aficionado.
Rides his bike everywhere.
Sleeps better in a tent then his own bed.


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