Crowdsourcing Challenge – Bonus Image

5 Dec

Bonus picture was:

Clements Mountain from Logan Pass Visitor’s Center in Glacier National Park.

We were able to identify this mountainface through several methods.

Our first step was to put the image up on Facebook.

While we were waiting for feedback there, Tom chatted with a friend over Gmail, who used TinEye software to identify that it was taken from the vantage point at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. It looks like the picture was taken from the Logan Pass Visitor’s Center.

Another friend used Google Reverse Image Search to give us the same result. From there, we looked at the different Google Image results, which confirmed that.

We did a little more searching to confirm our guess and narrow it down to the Visitor’s Center at Logan Pass.

And that is how we figured it out! That’s right, we are awesome.


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